Posted: March 13, 2012 in Fiction, S

I drank the coffee, burning my mouth in the process but desperately needing the caffeine to kick start my brain.
Finn headed to the door, which he opened and stood for a moment before turning back toward me, his eyes suggesting I join him.
I did and looked out over the white world that glistened before us.
The land was white. The sky was white. The trees were pencil drawings in between. From here the ancient oak and ash looked like they had grown leaves.
Black clouds swirled over the sky like smoke all heading in the same direction and a new canopy grew before my eyes as the trees filled with blackness.

The day flew by. We took it in turns to watch the wood and the crows in between the everyday stuff that needs doing. Finn needed to go home at some point if only to grab some clothes. I needed to get some food in, silently cursing myself I didn’t stock up earlier, as the cupboards were showing a distinct lack of sustenance.
The dark came early, or seemed to, I’m not sure which.

She arrived that night.
The air announced her.
Everything changed around 2.30am.
Finn had stayed over and lightly knocked my door before entering.
“You feel that?” he said
“Oh yes!”
The dark night was still silent but the temperature had plummeted to an unbelievable cold.
Eleanor was here.


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