A Sandpaper Tongue

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Fiction, S

A sandpaper tongue woke me.
“Shit, Finn, what are you doing?”
“I thought it obvious.”
My chin took another rasping lick.
“I am trying to wake you.”
I struggled to focus, my body telling me it should still be asleep.
“And succeeding, although I could try the claws out version if you’d prefer?”
“Funny!” I replied “Well, I’m awake, now get off.”
“And the reason for this?” I mumbled “And this?” I tried to make a dramatic sweeping gesture but my arm, kind of, just flopped about.
“I thought a naked Finn in your bedroom would be a bit more startling than this”
He raised his head up in a regal stretch and flicked his tail.
“Plus it was the only way I could fit through the catflap”
“Point taken.” I said “Not that I haven’t seen it all before but it does remind me to get that catflap nailed shut. Now shift already. Get thumbs and get coffee on. There are clothes in the chest.”
I showered quickly, pulled on jeans and was tying my wet hair into a ponytail as the smell of coffee hit my nose.
I headed to the kitchen, where Finn stood, tall and clothed, with a mug in his hand, the handle turned toward me.
“Good boy, I’ll buy you a kipper.”
I took the mug and sat down while Finn grinned inanely at me.
“OK, what’s the problem?”
“The crows are coming”


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